MediaRange natisljivi DVD-R, medicinska kvaliteta. Medicinska linija (medical line) so odpornejši DVD-R od običajnih in so primerni za dolgoročno arhiviranje podatkov. PACS, DICOM in ROHS skladnost. Brezkompromisna kakovost. 

MediaRange Medical Line DVD-R 4.7GB|120min 16x speed, inkjet fullsurface printable, Cake 50

MediaRange Medical Line CD and DVD blank media are developed to meet the unique demands of medical image and healthcare records storage applications.
MediaRange Medical Line offers the most reliable and highest quality recordable media specifically designed for healthcare environments for the best filmless imaging data storage solution. 
This combines DICOM compliance with professional top grade media.
The combination ensures the highest read/write performance at all speeds matched with excellent compatibility with PACS systems and modular drives, resulting in a reliable, consistent quality media with an extended lifespan for recorded patient data.

With a printing area of 26 - 118mm these discs are perfect for professional inkjet printing. The completely metalized underside of the disc allows for a top-quality image.


  • Capacity: 4,7GB
  • Format: DVD-R
  • Speed: up to 16x
  • Packaging: cake box 50
  • Surface: white, full-surface printable
  • Surface type: for inkjet printers
  • Printing area: 26 - 118mm
  • Underside: fully metalized
  • Printable with appropriate inkjet printer
  • Professional and quick-drying surface
  • Excellent UV light resistance
  • Extraordinary read/write performance, characterized by the use of high quality original Japanese materials and a fully controlled manufacturing process.
  • Special manufacturing and testing controls
  • Long archival life span
  • Compatible with PACS* image recording systems
  • Dicom* compliant
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Highest quality standard, disc-to-disc consistency
  • ISO 14001:2015 certified
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified

*PACS - Picture Archiving and Communication System
*DICOM - Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine

MediaRange DVD-R 16x 4.7GB Medical Line - Medicinska Linija, Full Surface Printable 50 kom

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