Univerzalni avto nosilec nemškega podjetja MediaRange. Primeren za pametne telefone, Iphone, navigacijo in ostale naprave (podpora naprav za 42 do 108mm širine). Primeren za praktično vse gladke površine.

- za naprave 42 do 108mm širine
- barva: črna
- material: plastika
- za pametne telefone, MP3/MP4 predvajalnike, navigacijo in ostale naprave
- izredno močni priseski varno pritrdijo na skoraj vsako gladko površino
- integrirani okvir za prilagajanje
- mere okvirja: 45x73mm
- teža cca 150g

MediaRange Universal in car holder for smartphones and other mobile devices, with suction cup

The universal MediaRange car mount is perfect for easily and securely mounting your smartphone in your car, at home or on your desk. The strong suction cups attach securely to nearly every smooth surface. The infinitely variable bracket allows our universal holder to be used with all standard smartphones and other portable devices.


  • for devices between 42 - 108mm wide
  • Packaging: single pack
  • Color: black
  • Material: plastic
  • For smartphones, MP3 players and other portable devices
  • Infinitely variable bracket
  • extra strong suction cups attach securely to almost any smooth surface
  • Integrated frame to personalize
  • Dimensions of frame: 45x73mm
  • Nett weight (ca.): 150g


  • Perfect for securely mounting your smartphone or other portable device in your car, at home or on your desk

Safety and usage instructions:
Check your car first to see where the holder could be mounted and consult with your car manufacturer as necessary.

Please be sure that the holder does not block the driver's visibility or interfere with the airbag.

Univerzalni avto nosilec za pametne telefone, mp4, navigacijo

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