Omega univerzalni tripod z držalom za pametne telefone

Primerno za telefone in kamere velikosti 8,89cm do 15,24cm diagonale (3,5 do 6 palcev). Višina tripoda 18cm, maksimalna obremenitev 1kg.


• Ideal for small and medium telephones and cameras
• Universal 1/4 '
• Flexible handle for smartphone 3.5-6 "
• Flexible feet
• Height: 18 cm
• Maximum load: 1 kg

OT01 is the most versatile tripod. Contrary to conventional stands, it does not require a level surface and provides a stable setting in virtually any situation. Each of its legs can be flexibly bent so that it can be placed on a stone, attached to a lantern or tree branch. The capabilities of this tripod are endless.
Very stable and solidly made
Each leg can be flexibly bent
Possibility of setting on uneven plane

Omega univerzalni tripod z držalom za pametne telefone

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